Our longevity and experience in equipment finance lending is such that we have clients in many and varied industries, so the range of assets we can finance is an extensive list. If its financeable we will be able to do it.

We have an in depth working knowledge of how banks lend money to businesses in this area of lending and can use this knowledge to our clients benefit, and get the right result for them, both in terms of approval as requested and with the best available interest rate. What we are able to do is to pick the best parts of each banks lending policy to make it suit the clients individual requirements. By virtue of the volume of business we write, we can secure better than normal interest rates.

Furthermore, banks now have policies in varying areas such as agri, transport, earthmoving whereby approval can be provided with less information if certain requirements are met.

Chattel Mortgage is now the most common method of finance for the purchase of Business assets by business. Under a Chattel mortgage, the borrower/purchaser takes title in the chattel (goods) from the time of purchase. The borrower/purchaser can then finance part or the full amount of the purchase price of the goods by way of a loan and applies the borrowed funds as payment to the supplier.

If you don’t see an asset listed or shown on this site, don’t think we can’t get you a loan for it. Simply check in with us to see.

Contact us free on 1300 422 506 now and see how we can assist you.

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